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Concrete Patching Specialists

Aussie Rendering and Patching offer comprehensive concrete repairs, patching, precast panels and rejuvenation services throughout Sydney. We repair damage to driveways, paths and concrete surfaces around swimming pools, garage floors and stairways while providing the best in concrete technology.

Damaged, cracked and faded concrete can often reduce the value of your property. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, we provide cost-effective concrete patching solutions to restore it back to brand new again. Using the latest innovative equipment, you can rely on Aussie Rendering and Patching to deliver the highest quality finish including accurate colour matching, surface texture and premium materials.

Rendering Solutions

Are your bricks looking old? Does your existing render need restoring? We specialise in ‘Acrylic Texture Coating’ (2 coat system that doesn’t require painting) or cement ‘Sand Finish’ (requires painting) to completely transform your home.

Whichever render option you choose, Aussie Rendering and Patching will ensure you are 100% happy with the final outcome. Long lasting, durable and aesthetically appealing, a professional render is the ideal way to modernize any space including swimming pools, bathrooms and exterior walls.

White Set

White setting a wall is the ultimate way to give it a smooth and shiny finish in preparation for painting. Our qualified tradesmen specialise in internal plastering work, cement render coating and white set plaster coat paint finishes.

Whether you’re renovating an exposed brick façade or creating a new wall from scratch, Aussie Rendering and Patching can deliver a superior finish to any surface.

Concrete Cancer

If you’re experiencing concrete degradation such as rust stains, lifting or build up of moisture, there may be some serious structural issues that need to be looked at promptly.

Aussie Rendering and Patching will inspect your property for any signs of cancer and provide you with immediate remediation treatment to ensure the structural integrity of the building is fully maintained.

For more information on our range of rendering services, please call Aussie Rendering and Patching on 0447 740 953 for a no-obligation quote today.